Meet the Impossible Travel Pillow

Our hero is a frequent traveler who kept other frequent travelers in mind when he invented My Lofty Pillow.

Aaron has dedicated the last few years developing a solution to prevent what he calls Flight Neck Syndrome (FNS), which plagues countless travelers around the globe. FNS can be quite painful and is caused by sleeping with traditional travel pillows that do little to prevent your head from falling forward or rolling sideways. SUFFER NO LONGER. Our hero has just approved the final retail version of My Lofty Pillow for global distribution. At last, what frequent fliers didn’t think was possible will soon become a reality through his unique invention. JOIN US to carry out Aaron’s mission to stop FNS one traveler at a time.

Together we can achieve the IMPOSSIBLE with My Lofty Pillow.

All we ask is a small contribution to make this the most spectacular crowdfunding launch ever! Help stop the pains of air travel by PRE-ORDERING today for JUST $12. In return for your early support, you’ll receive ONE (1) My Lofty Pillow with FREE USA shipping and an EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Invitation to buy more at the same price.

Once our Kickstarter campaign launches on March 13th, pricing will start at $15 and steadily increase to $24 over the duration of the campaign. So save some money now and have it DELIVERED to your doorstep no later than April 24th, 2018 – GUARANTEED.

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